What is the APA?

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What is the APA?

APA stands for Advance Provisioning Allowance and it is basically the mini-bar of your Yacht: it covers all the consumables you will use during your charter. Its amount can vary although it usually corresponds to approximately 30% of the base charter fee. It covers expenses such as food & drinks, fuel, berths and all the extras you wish to organize onboard. To that end, it can increase significantly depending on your requirements and the Captain could ask you to top up this amount during your holiday should he foresees you will exceed the standard 30%. As per its denomination, it is required in advance and entrusted to the Captain for him to settle all expenses without bothering you during your holiday. These expenses are deducted from those 30% APA as you go, and can be monitored through your YOBA - the Yotha app- so you can supervise this flow at all time. Only what you spent is deducted from the APA so you might have some left at the end of your charter. Via YOBA, you can instruct the Captain in a click what to do with the remaining of the APA. It is entirely at your discretion to leave part of it as a tip for the crew and/or send it back to you via wire transfer.


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