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Forget fiddly paperwork — YOTHA simplifies day-to-day charter tasks and admin so that captains can be less office-bound CEO and more adventurer. From booking to boarding and budgeting, all charter details are managed and stored digitally on your tablet or mobile phone, saving on time and paper. Accept charter offers on behalf of your yacht’s owner, negotiate directly with the charterer online and save the owner money in commission.

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Travel expenses

Managing APA has never been simpler! Upload receipts, categorise expenses and print the final APA report. The main charterer can view every purchase as it happens, leaving nothing to surprise at the end of the charter.

Fuel management

Enter the daily fuel consumption in just a few clicks. Linked to the APA, fuel expenses are easy to follow for both you and the main charterer.

Route planner

Create itineraries together with the main charterer. Estimate distances, costs and prepare any overnight stays.

Gourmet experience

A new way to collect guests food preferences and dietary requirements. Find everything you and the chef need to prepare an outstanding gourmet experience.

Locate yacht

Both guests and crew can pinpoint the yacht's position in real time, cutting down on calls and confusion. Update your location using your GPS coordinates or set it manually.


Collect and share guests' information and passport details, organise their travel arrangements, and prepare the embarkation and disembarkation schedule.


Forget fiddly paperwork when you keep the charter contract, amendments and all of your yacht's documents right at hand in your pocket.

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Give your yacht the exposure it deserves with sophisticated assets courtesy of YOTHA. By joining our fleet, you’ll be offered a free 360° virtual tour filmed by a media professional, with video snippets and stunning photography that you can re-use online and across social media. You’ll also have the opportunity to be part of our international events and media initiatives.

360˚ Virtual Yacht Tours

Benefit from free 360° videos, filmed by media professional and drone specialists

Stunning Photography

Our partnerships with top yachting photographers present your fleet in the best light

Global Marketing

Gain exposure through our international events and media initiatives

Online Search Visibility

We help you appear in Google search engines, across social media and more

Yacht owners can earn up to 92% of the charter fee.

YOTHA has a transparent commission structure – and the lowest on the market. If a charterer books directly through the website, we charge the yacht owner only 8% commission.

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Negotiate directly with the charterer

In a world first, YOTHA allows you to negotiate directly with the charterer online. Once you receive an offer, you can choose to accept it, reject it or send a counter proposal. And should you require assistance, our customer care team is on hand 24/7.

Fair Contract

A fair contract for all parties

Everything we do is fair and crystal clear. That’s why YOTHA created its own charter contract, designed to protect the interests of all parties. A legal alternative to the traditional MYBA contract, YOTHA’s contract Terms & Conditions are transparent, accepted by Lloyds of London and 100% secure.

Safer, speedier transactions

Relax from the outset knowing that with YOTHA as Stakeholder all online transactions are highly secure. Funds are safely held on our dedicated stakeholder account granting full impartiality to both charter parties.

Fair Contract

Security & Compliancy

Compliant with international finance regulations, we ensure the financial reputation of your customer especially with regard to MLA (money laundering).


All data are stored in a dedicated level 3 data centre in Switzerland. For charters booked through our platform, you can choose YOTHA as stakeholder. We hold the charter fee and all related funds securely in escrow until they are released to the owner as per the contract.